• Luxury Indulgence

    Treat yourself to a luxury ambiance with our non-toxic Soy Wax Candles. Enjoy the sound of the wood crackling and the glow of the flame in a quiet place by yourself or with loved ones.

  • Natural Connections

    Remember mother earth's gifts and experience nature's beauty from within your space. Unlock the essence of the best nature has to offer.

  • Sensory Experience

    Each candle is infused with healing intention, nature's bounty and the best ingredients. Unlock your inner essence through smell, vision and intention each time you

    light the flame.

Our Story

Ohke Creations

Ohke Creations is a BIPOC owned business founded by a member of the Shinnecock Nation. The Shinnecock Territory is located on the East End of Long Island in the town of Southampton, NY. Ohke means EARTH in the Algonquian dialect of the Shinnecock people. Ohke Creations wishes to share the beauty and culture of Long Island's land to your sacred space by bringing a sensory connection to the natural world we are all a part of. A little reminder for us to acknowledge our relationship with it. The candles are named after a special place on Long Island that have maintained the Algonquian names throughout history given to them long ago.

About Our Candles

Each candle is handmade and poured on the Shinnecock Territory. Our non-toxic candles are made with 100% soy wax and are infused with dried plants, natural fragrance oils and essential oils. The dried plants used in our candles are sourced from places and plants traditionally used by the Shinnecock people. The essence of each plant is infused within every candle. Take a look at our candle descriptions that come with each candle.

More Than Candles!

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Gemstone Jewelry

Ohke Creations has a great selection of gemstone bracelets available!

Loved for their beauty and their energetic properties, our bracelets are made high quality crystals and sterling silver.

Find the one that resonates with you or as a gift in our collection today!

Gemstone Bracelets

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Authored by The Owner

Good Neighbors: A Shinnecock History From A Shinnecock Perspective by Ohke Creations Founder Shane Weeks

This book is a history of the Shinnecock Indian Nation as seen through his eyes. Published in March 2022, Shane started writing this book in 2017. The book features traditional knowledge, opinions, facts, and and insight to his life as a member of the Shinnecock Nation. it is his hopes that this book can contribute to the foundation future generations can stand on.

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